Renew Rebuild Revive: Revive–CBD project in New Administrative Capital in Egypt

BEIJING, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A Report From GLOBAL TIMES ONLINE:

Life has its imperfections, just as the pursuit of happiness never falters, these are undeniable facts. But should we adapt to the city, or can the city adapt to us?

Abd Elrahman Ahmed, born and raised in Cairo, joined CSCEC after graduating and devoted himself to the construction of the CBD project in New Administrative Capital. Let’s follow his perspective and explore the renewal of Cairo.

In 2015, to optimize urban spaces and modernize processes for the benefit of a growing population, the Egyptian government planned to build a new administrative capital. The new capital CBD project covers an area of 628,000 square meters and includes 10 office buildings, 5 residential buildings, 4 large hotels, and a 385.8-meter Iconic Tower—the tallest tower in Africa

As new structures rise, the city’s surging vitality awakens, marking the beginning of urban renewal. New technologies drive the city’s rapid transformation, and technologies like skyscraper-building machine have helped create Africa’s new height in just three years. Modern and efficient construction methods have once again etched a remarkable chapter in human architectural history.

New energy empowers green community development. In the project, CSCEC adheres to sustainable development principles. The project has established a central utility complex to intelligently allocate energy resources in the scorching desert climate for energy conservation and reduced carbon emissions, thus better preserving this desert oasis.

CSCEC also integrates new circular concepts into urban life, using recycled water for irrigating the city’s plants, bringing greenery to the golden desert. By creating comfortable living spaces and harmonious communities, they continue the Egyptian people’s aspirations for a brighter future.

From the old city to the new, CSCEC views green energy as a growth area that can create employment opportunities and promote prosperity. Every day, the sweat and wisdom of thousands of Chinese and Egyptian employees converge here, one step closer to the Egypt Vision 2030. Every day, the contours of this city of the future become clearer.

In the project, new construction technologies, new development philosophies, and new win-win collaborations enable Egypt to embrace its dream city more swiftly, while preserving its precious cultural heritage and cultural memories.

The city comes to life during its creation, and we awaken it in green.

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